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96% of shoppers report a 5-star experience with Ohi

How It Works

We provide incredible post-purchase experiences that accelerate your brand’s growth.

A Nationwide Micro-Warehousing Network

Gain access to micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) that position your inventory hyperlocal to customers, lowering the cost of expedited shipping while enabling surprisingly fast delivery.

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Fast, Convenient and Sustainable Delivery

Offer incredibly fast and convenient delivery options, including 2hr, scheduled same day delivery and next day delivery. Plus, provide peace of mind with Ohi’s emphasis on sustainability, centered around packaging and transport options that minimize our carbon footprint.

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Your Brand, Front and Center

Own the customer’s experience from start to finish, building deeper brand recognition and loyalty every step of the way—from checkout and order tracking, to delivery and unboxing.

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Technology That Guides Growth

Understand SKU-level demand and operational priorities at any given time with our robust inventory and order management platform, which also allows for automation, so you can know more and do less.

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Exceeding Customer Expectations Pays Off

120% increase in repeat purchase rate
35% increase in LTV
28% increase in cart conversion

In The Press

“An ultra-fast, low-emissions solution for the delivery arms race.”
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