Ohi Achieves SOC 2 Compliance to Ensure Protection of Customer Data

soc compliance

Ohi has achieved SOC 2 compliance for trust service principles such as security, availability, and confidentiality.

Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform, has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance as a result of fortifying its data security posture. 

The company’s focus has always been on providing our clients with maximum support, and part of that commitment is ensuring their data is handled responsibly. Continuing our commitment, Ohi has achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance as an additional step to safeguard our clients’ data.

Ohi levels up on data security, achieves SOC 2 compliance.

Aligning with Ohi’s security-first culture, the Ohi platform is built on a secure foundation. Our platform runs on AWS, which provides a firewall and perimeter security. Firewall settings are checked every quarter to guarantee that they meet the platform’s requirements. In addition, we have security and compliance automation tools like Drata in place to ensure data protection.

The SOC 2 compliance certification is a voluntary measure that demonstrates Ohi’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest data privacy standards. 

What does it mean to be SOC 2-compliant?

Being SOC 2-compliant means that a trusted and independent auditor executed an in-depth review of Ohi’s internal operations and security protocols based on standards and guidelines set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

The certification implies that Ohi has effective controls to mitigate any risks concerning security, availability, confidentiality, or privacy in a methodic and comprehensive way. 

The AICPA auditors assess how compliant a company’s security systems and processes are with the below-mentioned trust principles. 

  1. Security: This principle checks that the company has the ability to protect client data throughout its collection, usage, processing, transmission, or storage. It also signals that the company has safety controls in place to prevent unauthorized access to system resources, system abuse, data breaches and theft, software misuse, and incorrect information manipulation or disclosure.
  2. Availability: Whether the customers/clients can access the system as per the agreed terms of use and service or not? This principle checks that the system is resilient against cyber threats and has safety protocols against power outages, hardware failures, or other inconvenient occurrences that may affect the system’s availability.
  3. Confidentiality: This principle implies that the company can protect information that is deemed confidential (from its initial collection). 

How can I find more details about Ohi’s SOC 2 Report?

Whether you are an existing Ohi client or are considering doing business with Ohi, you can request our SOC 2 audit report by contacting us.

Ohi Named to the 2022 CB Insights Retail Tech 100 — List of Most Innovative Retail Startups

CB Insights List Announcement

Ohi Recognized for Achievements in E-Commerce Fulfillment and Supply Chain Logistics

NEW YORK–CB Insights today named Ohi to its Retail Tech 100 ranking, which showcases the 100 most promising B2B retail tech companies in the world.

The 2022 Retail Tech 100 cohort highlights startups reimagining the retail experience across 13 categories. This year’s winning companies are working on hyper-personalized shopping, blockchain-powered commerce, autonomous delivery, virtual shopping, and more. 19 countries are represented this year, including India, China, Mexico, Singapore, and the Netherlands, among others.

“By almost any measure, this has been a breakout year for retail tech. We’ve seen skyrocketing funding across the industry, powering companies involved in every aspect of retail from instant grocery delivery to supply chain technology,” said Brian Lee, SVP of CB Insights’ Intelligence Unit. “In 2021 alone, these 100 companies raised $13.1B in funding, an incredibly impressive feat. As the retail landscape evolves, we’re excited to see how the companies on the Retail Tech 100 continue to revolutionize how consumers shop.”

“COVID-19 highlighted consumers’ need for immediacy, and Ohi is meeting this demand head-on by providing brands that sell direct-to-consumer with a best-in-class instant commerce experience,” said Ben Jones, Founder & CEO, Ohi. “By enhancing how companies sell DTC through their own website, which enables them to retain control of their brand, data and customer relationships, Ohi is powering the future of direct-to-consumer commerce while providing a carbon-neutral instant delivery solution. The Ohi team is thrilled to be recognized by CB Insights for our work building an instant commerce platform made for speed as well as sustainability.”

Through an evidence-based approach, the CB Insights research team selected the Retail Tech 100 from a pool of over 7,000 companies, including applicants and nominees. Selection was based on factors including patent activity, business relations, investor profiles, news sentiment analysis, proprietary Mosaic Scores, market potential, competitive landscape, team strength, and tech novelty. The Mosaic Score, based on CB Insights’ algorithm, measures the overall health and growth potential of private companies to help predict a company’s momentum. To find out more about the selection process and this year’s winners, join the CB Insights team for a webinar today at 2 p.m. ET.

As consumer demand for quick and efficient product delivery continues to grow, Ohi has created an AI-based technology platform that powers instant commerce for DTC and enterprise brands, enabling them to offer exceptional, fully branded post-purchase experiences such as carbon-neutral two-hour, same-day, and next-day delivery. Ohi’s data allows it to position inventory hyper-local to the end consumer, reducing carbon emissions as delivery is often completed by bike or foot using branded, reusable tote bags. The company’s model, which allows brands and retailers to have control over their consumer data and experiences, has been instrumental in helping businesses drive loyalty, with an average of 28% increases in conversion and up to 120% in repeat purchase rates. Ohi is set to expand its operations to reach 25 cities by the end of 2022.

Quick facts on the 2022 Retail Tech 100:

  • Funding trends: In 2021, these 100 private companies raised $13.1B in equity funding across 109 deals, triple the amount they raised in 2020. So far in 2022, they have raised $2.3B across 15 deals (as of 3/8/22).
  • Future market leaders: Nearly two-thirds of the companies on the list are early- or mid-stage companies. There are 20 early-stage companies (seed/angel and Series A) and 43 mid-stage firms (Series B or Series C) in this year’s cohort.
  • Unicorns: 36 of the 100 companies (36%) are valued at or above $1B as of their latest funding rounds.
  • Top investors: Salesforce Ventures is the most active investor in this year’s Retail Tech 100 companies, with investments in 10 companies across 19 deals since 2017. Tiger Global Management and Insight Partners, which have both invested in 9 companies on the list, are tied for second.
  • Global reach: 40% of the 2022 Retail Tech 100 is based outside the US. After the US, the UK and India follow with 6 companies each. Overall, this year’s winners span 19 countries, including Singapore, Australia, China, and the Netherlands.

See the 2022 CB Insights Retail Tech 100 here:

2022 CB Insights Retail Tech 100

About CB Insights
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About Ohi
Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust microwarehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant or scheduled delivery experience to their customers. https://www.ohi.com/



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Ohi Partners with Beverage Makers Cann and Magic Mind to Offer Ultrafast Local Delivery

New York, NY – Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced it has partnered with beverage makers Cann and Magic Mind to offer ultrafast local delivery to the brands’ customers in selected markets. Consumers in major metro areas across Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and New Jersey can now order two-hour, same-day, and scheduled delivery of Cann’s bubbly, all-natural Unspiked non-alcoholic social tonics. Consumers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York can now order Magic Mind, the world’s first productivity drink, and receive their order in less than two hours or schedule their delivery for whenever is most convenient for them.

“So many consumers are looking for alternatives to alcoholic beverages to enjoy when relaxing or socializing and for energy- and performance-boosting drinks that help keep them focused,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Ohi. “We’re proud to partner with both Cann Unspiked and Magic Mind to offer an incredible, on-brand instant commerce experience that includes superfast, environmentally friendly delivery of their products to customers and subscribers and to help them reach, convert and retain new audiences.”

Cann Unspiked 

Cann Unspiked is a refreshing, bubbly tonic that combines fresh, not-from-concentrate juice with an adventurous herbal twist and a touch of agave nectar for sweetness. The low-calorie, carbonated beverages contain no alcohol, offering a fresh drink experience that’s unexpected, uncomplicated and unashamed. Made with only natural ingredients, Unspiked is available in 12-packs of Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, Cranberry Sage and Grapefruit Rosemary flavors as well as a Variety Pack. Unspiked subscribers can choose delivery of their favorite flavors every 15, 30, or 60 days.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Ohi to give our customers in a growing number of neighborhoods an excellent Unspiked experience that includes local delivery on their preferred timeline, whether that’s within two hours or on a regular schedule under one of our subscription plans,” said Greg Schatell, Senior Manager of Product Strategy for Cann. “We chose Ohi because the company’s data platform and micro-warehouse network help us meet the instant delivery needs of the majority of our customers in major urban areas and we’re looking forward to expanding that delivery footprint throughout 2022.”

Magic Mind

Each shot of Magic Mind contains a magical combination of 12 active ingredients designed to stimulate focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress and post-exercise inflammation in the body. For a long-term boost in cognition, energy, memory, and mood, Magic Mind recommends drinking the beverage consistently for 7–10 days. Magic Mind subscribers can choose to receive deliveries of 15 or 30 bottles every month.

“Years of scientific research went into developing Magic Mind, so keeping our brand story and product benefits front and center throughout the entire post-purchase experience is important to us—and Ohi allows us to do that,” said William Hicks, President of Magic Mind. “We’ve also always worked to offset our supply chain emissions and even offer carbon offsets to our customers. By partnering with Ohi, we’re able to stay true to our sustainability mission by offering near-instant local delivery of Magic Mind to our customers without having to pay for overnight shipping or create and use any extra packaging.”

Ohi’s nationwide network of micro-fulfillment centers allows brands to offer best-in-class post-purchase experiences while retaining complete control of their brand story, data and customer relationships. The company’s inventory and order management platform provides SKU-level demand insights that drive efficiency and savings for brands, while its reusable, sustainable packaging helps merchants reduce their carbon footprints.

For more information, visit Ohi.com.

About Ohi

Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust microwarehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant or scheduled delivery experience to their customers.

About Cann Unspiked

Cann Unspiked is the only non-alcoholic drink that loves to party. Founded in Los Angeles by Stanford and Harvard graduates Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson, Cann Unspiked delivers the same award-winning flavor as traditional Cann (#1 selling micro THC-infused beverage globally) without the added THC and CBD. Available direct-to-consumer nationwide, it’s a delicious, flavorful, and refreshing alcohol alternative for when you don’t want to drink, but you still want a (great) drink. Cann Unspiked is vegan, gluten-free, low in calories (30-35 per 8oz can), crafted with all-natural ingredients, and available in the original four Cann flavors: Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom and Cranberry Sage. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives.

The Cann brand is backed by innovative and forward-thinking celebrities with diverse backgrounds in wellness, activism and philanthropy, including: Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Baron Davis, Rebel Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Darren Criss, Casey Niestat, Tove Lo, and Bre-Z.

For more information on Unspiked, visit www.drinkunspiked.com or @drinkunspiked on Instagram.

About Magic Mind 

After nearly a decade of research alongside a team of doctors, researchers and PhDs, Magic Mind released the world’s first productivity beverage. A magical combination of 12 active ingredients helps consumers get into their most productive and fulfilling flow-state. Matcha works alongside nootropics (like Phosphatidylserine, Citicoline, and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms) and adaptogens (like ashwagandha and turmeric) to help you accomplish more while stressing less. Magic Mind is designed to be consumed daily on its own, or can be taken alongside your typical coffee or tea ritual to help counteract the negative side effects that come with standard caffeine intake. Think: fewer jitters, no procrastination or crash, hyper-focus, and zen-like energy. Enjoyed by entrepreneurs and creators around the world, Magic Mind has quickly become a beloved daily ritual for thousands of subscribers. Backed by renowned private investors like Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch, and Alex Snodgrass, chef and NY Times best-selling author behind The Defined Dish, it’s no wonder Forbes dubbed Magic Mind “Silicon Valley’s New Morning Elixir.”

Ohi Partners with EcoCart to Offer Brands a Carbon-Neutral E-Commerce Fulfillment Option

Ohi DTC Service

New York, NY – Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced that it has partnered with EcoCart to offer a carbon-neutral e-commerce fulfillment option to Ohi brand partners and their customers. Through the partnership, merchants that use Ohi’s instant commerce solution can minimize the carbon footprint associated with the delivery of their e-commerce orders through the use of carbon offsets.

“Research shows that the vast majority of consumers prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies whenever possible, and we’re absolutely committed to helping our merchant partners reduce the environmental impact of their businesses,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Ohi. “We’re proud to launch this partnership with EcoCart to offer environmentally friendly, superfast delivery that benefits consumers, helps our brand partners grow their businesses while reducing their carbon footprint, and ultimately supports a healthier planet.”

Ohi’s partnership with EcoCart is enabling both brands and shoppers to help protect the environment by mitigating the impact of their carbon footprint at a moment when consumers are increasingly mindful of the effects of their consumption on the planet. A recent survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value in association with the National Retail Federation found that nearly 80% of consumers consider sustainability important and that nearly 60% are willing to change their shopping habits to be more sustainable. Recent Gartner research found that 73% of millennials prioritize sustainability over price when shopping.

EcoCart’s proprietary technology allows Ohi merchant partners to offer a carbon-neutral order option at checkout. Shoppers who choose that option trigger an automatic donation to an independently verified carbon-offsetting project, capturing or counteracting the harmful effects of the amount of carbon associated with their order delivery. Customers pay nothing extra to make their Ohi deliveries carbon-neutral, while Ohi’s merchant partners can choose to pay a small fee to EcoCart based on the estimated carbon footprint for each delivery. Ohi doesn’t retain any of the fees, which EcoCart contributes directly to a variety of ecological projects across the globe.

Ohi is committed to providing carbon-neutral delivery and continually reducing its platform’s carbon footprint. With traditional e-commerce fulfillment, orders are shipped by plane or ground over long distances, but Ohi’s network of micro-fulfillment centers ensures that e-commerce orders travel only a short distance to arrive at consumers’ doorsteps. Ohi further minimizes its carbon footprint in urban areas by using bike, e-bike, scooter and foot couriers to provide ultrafast delivery. In addition, Ohi encourages the use of eco-friendly, reusable totes for 2-hour and same-day deliveries whenever possible. As part of its commitment to more sustainable local delivery, Ohi will be covering the first month of carbon offsetting for Ohi-fulfilled orders for any brand that wants to try this new service, with no further commitments required.

“Through this integration, Ohi is empowering its brand partners with a win-win option that’s shown to facilitate deeper customer relationships and drive business results, while helping to have a meaningful positive environmental impact by offsetting the unavoidable emissions of shipping their products,” said Peter Twomey, Co-Founder and COO, EcoCart. “We’re thrilled to partner with Ohi to give the company’s merchant network a simple and easy way to sell more sustainably.”

For more information, visit Ohi.com/carbon-neutral-delivery

About Ohi

Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust microwarehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant, or scheduled delivery experience to their customers.

About EcoCart

EcoCart is a sustainability technology that enables businesses to calculate and offset the carbon emissions of their operations and then encourages consumers to engage with them through transparent and authentic front-end experiences. By vetting and partnering with various projects and organizations, such as forest protection and building clean energy sources, EcoCart determines the amount of each carbon offsetting activity needed to counteract specific amounts of carbon emissions and then matches the cost of doing so with each order’s amount of emissions. EcoCart then empowers brands to leverage their offsetting initiatives into their customer experience through cart, landing page, banner, and other on and off-site experiences. Sustainability is now a driving factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s why 2000+ brands such as APL, Siete Foods, and Ancient Nutrition use EcoCart.

Ohi Launches Delivery Scheduling Option to Make the Customer Experience Both Fast and Flexible

Ohi launches a new scheduling option

New Feature Allows Customers to Schedule Home Delivery from Ohi’s Merchant Partners When Most Convenient for Them

NEW YORK–Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced the launch of a new scheduling option that is enabling all of its brand partners to improve the customer experience by making deliveries both fast and flexible. The new feature allows customers to choose the delivery window that is most convenient for them within seven days of ordering from an Ohi merchant partner and then track and even reschedule their delivery, if needed. All Ohi brand partners, including leading beverage, CPG and beauty players such as Olipop, Alkaline88®, Health-Ade and SolaWave, can now offer these convenient extended delivery times to their customers—in addition to the option to receive ultrafast delivery in under two hours—to increase conversion and customer lifetime value.

“Our brand partners are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience to drive conversion, repeat purchases and lifetime value,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Ohi. “We’re very pleased to empower our brand partners with this new scheduled delivery option because it allows them to provide an incredible post-purchase experience that’s both fast and flexible—and enjoy the real ROI that comes with that.”

Ohi’s new scheduling option enables brands to offer all of their customers within the company’s same-day delivery range the convenience of choosing their own delivery window. When placing an order, customers can choose a 10 am–2 pm, 2–6 pm or 6–10 pm delivery slot within the next seven days, if they prefer that option over Ohi’s ultrafast Rush service, which promises delivery in under two hours.

“By giving their customers the flexibility to schedule deliveries whenever it’s most convenient for them, our brand partners make shopping with them easier,” added Jones. “That’s true not only for new and occasional customers, but also for our partners’ most loyal customers—their subscribers—who often need to be able to reschedule their subscription order to match up with how quickly they’re using the product. As consumers, we all value convenience, flexibility and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ll be home when our order arrives at the door, whether we prefer delivery in the next hour or next Tuesday.”

Ohi’s delivery scheduling option is now available to all of the company’s merchant partners, following a soft-launch with many brands in November, and the feature is already proving its value, especially among consumers who choose subscription services. Some 15% of subscribers to Ohi brand partners have already used the option to reschedule their subscription deliveries to match their frequency needs, which tend to vary week to week or month to month. In addition, customers who have used the new feature to schedule their deliveries have given Ohi an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, a highly positive indicator of consumer sentiment that reflects the benefits the new feature is bringing to Ohi’s brand partners.

“Our customer base is constantly growing as the modern consumer is more health-conscious than ever and our conversion rate from first-time buyers to customized subscribers receiving recurring ranging deliveries is immense,” said Eli Weiss, Director of Customer Experience at Olipop. “Partnering with Ohi helps us ensure we meet every customer’s delivery preferences and expectations and offer more instant gratification, whether they’re longtime, loyal subscribers, weekly sippers or brand new to our beverages.”

Ohi leverages its nationwide network of microwarehouses to enable brands of all sizes to offer best-in-class, fully branded post-purchase experiences that include instant or scheduled delivery, order tracking, and unboxing. The company’s brand partners retain complete control of their customer experience from end to end, including their brand story, data and customer relationships, while reducing the need to pay inflated expedited shipping costs.

Ohi’s inventory and order management platform provides actionable insights into SKU-level demand, enabling brands to automate functions for efficiency and savings, and the company’s emphasis on sustainable packaging and delivery options helps minimize brands’ overall carbon footprints. Ohi merchant partners have seen increases of up to 120% in repeat purchases, along with 28% higher conversion and 35% increases in lifetime customer value.

For more information, visit Ohi.com.

About Ohi

Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust microwarehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant or scheduled delivery experience to their customers.

Ohi Announces $19 Million Series A Funding Round

A black and white image of a rider on an e-bike. with Ohi's logo.

Company will use investment to expand to 25 markets across the US to meet increased consumer demand for instant delivery.

Ohi brand partners see significant ROI, including an average 28% increase in conversion and up to 120% higher repeat purchase rates.

NEW YORK–Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced the completion of a $19 million Series A funding round. Ohi will use the funds to expand its US operations to enable near-instant delivery of everything from CPG products to luxury goods in 25 markets. The funding round was led by Palm Drive Capital, a New York-based venture capital and growth equity fund, with participation from JAM Fund, a Los Angeles–based venture capital firm led by internet entrepreneur Justin Mateen. Health-Ade, SolaWave, and Untuckit are among the beverage, CPG, beauty, and DTC brands using Ohi’s platform to increase conversion, customer satisfaction, and repeat purchases.

“At Ohi, we believe that ‘instant’ is the future of commerce, and we are building a world in which consumers can get anything from their favorite brands in less than an hour,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Ohi.“COVID-19 has accelerated this shift in consumers’ expectations of immediacy to the point that many now view two-day delivery as unacceptably slow. We want to provide all brands, regardless of size, with a best-in-class instant commerce experience while selling through their own website, allowing them to retain control of their brand story, data, and customer relationships.”

Additional investors in the round included Flybridge Capital; Afore Capital; RiverPark Ventures; Ryder Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Ryder System, Inc.; Peter Rahal, Founder of RXBAR; Edward Shenderovich, Founder of Knotel; and Electric Feel.

Ohi’s network of micro-warehouses enables midmarket DTC and enterprise brands to offer powerful post-purchase experiences from their own websites, with Amazon Prime–level delivery speeds of under two hours. Brands that partner with Ohi realize significant ROI via improved customer satisfaction, an average increase in conversion of 28%, and increases of up to 120% in repeat purchase rates. Consumers who order with Ohi have up to 35% higher LTV for brands than those who choose a UPS/FedEx shipping option.

Ohi’s growing network of micro fulfillment centers has quickly become the go-to solution for brands across the beverage, CPG, and beauty categories, among others. Currently serving New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Ohi will use the new investment to expand throughout the US, with a near-term goal of operating in 25 cities by the end of 2022. Ohi will also use the funding to expand its product offering to include an option for delivery in under 20 minutes.

“In the last year, the e-commerce market has seen significant growth driven mainly by small and medium-sized companies, despite them making up just 32% of the market,” said Nick Hsu, Partner at Palm Drive Capital. “We are starting to see a major shift towards instant delivery play out more broadly across the DTC market space, and Ohi has effectively captured the post-purchase customer experience the same way that Shopify has created a renowned pre-purchase one.”

“It’s no secret that the future is instant,” said Justin Mateen, Principal at JAM Fund. “Ohi has the vision to completely transform the post-purchase space, enabling instant commerce for everyone, everywhere, without depending on large marketplaces. Ohi is led by an inspired and driven leader, and I’m proud to have invested in the team shaping the future of commerce.”

Since closing the funding round in April, Ohi has been building a team of experts from across the e-commerce and fulfillment industries. Russ Griffin, formerly VP of Sales at BigCommerce and ShipStation, joined as CRO; Rodrigo Silveira, a veteran of Dematic and Flexport, joined as Head of Engineering; and Jarrod Lovell, who ran network development at Flexe, joined as Head of Platform. The team has grown to more than 55 people, with many Amazon and Uber alumni filling out the ranks.

For more information, visit Ohi.com.

About Ohi:

Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust micro warehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant delivery experience to their customers.

About Palm Drive Capital:

Palm Drive Capital is a New York-based venture capital and growth equity fund that invests in leading software and internet companies with a US focus. Since their launch in 2014, they’ve espoused the notion that innovators are everywhere. They also believe that the most successful founders are visionary and principled. Palm Drive has a unique combination of strong Silicon Valley roots and New York financial discipline. In addition to its investments on the West Coast, Palm Drive has a presence in emerging US tech centers including the Northeast, the Midwest, and the South. With backing from top entrepreneurs and institutions, Palm Drive also has an expansive and differentiated network that spans across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.palmdrive.vc.

About JAM Fund:

JAM Fund is a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm investing in visionary founders who are focused on disrupting large spaces, redefining products and services that are core to our lives. For more information, please visit https://justinmateen.com/