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The Rise of Green E-commerce: How Online Businesses Can be More Eco-friendly

80% of consumers in a survey by NRF and IBM said that sustainability is important to them. Meanwhile, about 60% are willing to change their shopping habits to be more sustainable. 

Whether it was Greta Thunberg’s protests on preserving the planet, the recent wave of abnormal floods, or simply the ongoing rise of awareness, sustainability, and environmental concerns are top of mind for today’s consumers. This wave of green consumerism is pushing many online retail brands – big and small – to take action by adopting sustainable or eco-friendly ways to mitigate their carbon footprint. 


Why Creating an Impactful Post-purchase Experience is Important for Your E-commerce Business

A customer just ordered from your e-commerce store. You’re on cloud nine, and why wouldn’t you be – you just converted a prospect into a customer. But as exciting as getting orders is, you can’t rest on your laurels just yet.  

This is only the third stage of a buyer’s journey (shown below). You are now no longer accommodating a prospect looking for a solution, you are now dealing with a consumer who is looking to get value from your brand and products.


Ohi Launches Delivery Scheduling Option to Make the Customer Experience Both Fast and Flexible

NEW YORK–Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced the launch of a new scheduling option that is enabling all of its brand partners to improve the customer experience by making deliveries both fast and flexible. The new feature allows customers to choose the delivery window that is most convenient for them within seven days of ordering from an Ohi merchant partner…


7 Ways E-commerce Businesses can Increase their Average Order Value (AOV)

While it’s important for e-commerce businesses to turn visitors into paying customers, how much a customer purchases per order is similarly important. And that’s why average order value (AOV) is a critical metric to improve in e-commerce.

So, what exactly is Average Order Value (AOV)? 


50+ E-commerce Stats & Facts You Need to Know for 2022 & Beyond

In the context of a continuing global pandemic, many consumers have increased their dependence on online shopping, forcing retailers and brands to invest in e-commerce at a breakneck speed.

With more and more businesses focused on digital sales, it’s more important than ever to understand the rapidly changing e-commerce landscape. 

Here are more than 50 insights into what’s transpired in the e-commerce world recently and forecasts for what’s ahead.


The Best D2C Marketing Strategies to Reach Consumers for Direct Buying

Now’s the time to start setting the stage for a successful 2022. For direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, you’ll want to map out your marketing strategies to increase conversion rates, deliver an optimal experience, and reach customers for direct buying. 

If you’re considering new marketing channels for your D2C business in 2022, there are plenty of avenues to explore.