Ohi Launches Delivery Scheduling Option to Make the Customer Experience Both Fast and Flexible

Ohi launches a new scheduling option

New Feature Allows Customers to Schedule Home Delivery from Ohi’s Merchant Partners When Most Convenient for Them

NEW YORK–Ohi, the next-generation instant commerce platform that enables brands to meet their customers’ expectations of superfast delivery in under two hours, today announced the launch of a new scheduling option that is enabling all of its brand partners to improve the customer experience by making deliveries both fast and flexible. The new feature allows customers to choose the delivery window that is most convenient for them within seven days of ordering from an Ohi merchant partner and then track and even reschedule their delivery, if needed. All Ohi brand partners, including leading beverage, CPG and beauty players such as Olipop, Alkaline88®, Health-Ade and SolaWave, can now offer these convenient extended delivery times to their customers—in addition to the option to receive ultrafast delivery in under two hours—to increase conversion and customer lifetime value.

“Our brand partners are constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience to drive conversion, repeat purchases and lifetime value,” said Ben Jones, Founder and CEO of Ohi. “We’re very pleased to empower our brand partners with this new scheduled delivery option because it allows them to provide an incredible post-purchase experience that’s both fast and flexible—and enjoy the real ROI that comes with that.”

Ohi’s new scheduling option enables brands to offer all of their customers within the company’s same-day delivery range the convenience of choosing their own delivery window. When placing an order, customers can choose a 10 am–2 pm, 2–6 pm or 6–10 pm delivery slot within the next seven days, if they prefer that option over Ohi’s ultrafast Rush service, which promises delivery in under two hours.

“By giving their customers the flexibility to schedule deliveries whenever it’s most convenient for them, our brand partners make shopping with them easier,” added Jones. “That’s true not only for new and occasional customers, but also for our partners’ most loyal customers—their subscribers—who often need to be able to reschedule their subscription order to match up with how quickly they’re using the product. As consumers, we all value convenience, flexibility and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we’ll be home when our order arrives at the door, whether we prefer delivery in the next hour or next Tuesday.”

Ohi’s delivery scheduling option is now available to all of the company’s merchant partners, following a soft-launch with many brands in November, and the feature is already proving its value, especially among consumers who choose subscription services. Some 15% of subscribers to Ohi brand partners have already used the option to reschedule their subscription deliveries to match their frequency needs, which tend to vary week to week or month to month. In addition, customers who have used the new feature to schedule their deliveries have given Ohi an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, a highly positive indicator of consumer sentiment that reflects the benefits the new feature is bringing to Ohi’s brand partners.

“Our customer base is constantly growing as the modern consumer is more health-conscious than ever and our conversion rate from first-time buyers to customized subscribers receiving recurring ranging deliveries is immense,” said Eli Weiss, Director of Customer Experience at Olipop. “Partnering with Ohi helps us ensure we meet every customer’s delivery preferences and expectations and offer more instant gratification, whether they’re longtime, loyal subscribers, weekly sippers or brand new to our beverages.”

Ohi leverages its nationwide network of microwarehouses to enable brands of all sizes to offer best-in-class, fully branded post-purchase experiences that include instant or scheduled delivery, order tracking, and unboxing. The company’s brand partners retain complete control of their customer experience from end to end, including their brand story, data and customer relationships, while reducing the need to pay inflated expedited shipping costs.

Ohi’s inventory and order management platform provides actionable insights into SKU-level demand, enabling brands to automate functions for efficiency and savings, and the company’s emphasis on sustainable packaging and delivery options helps minimize brands’ overall carbon footprints. Ohi merchant partners have seen increases of up to 120% in repeat purchases, along with 28% higher conversion and 35% increases in lifetime customer value.

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About Ohi

Ohi is the leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust microwarehouse platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant or scheduled delivery experience to their customers.