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Why Ohi

Grow Your Brand

Acquiring customers isn’t easy. By providing enjoyable post-purchase experiences, Ohi delights your customers and keeps them coming back, increasing their order frequency, average order value (AOV), and ultimately, your profitability. The math is simple; adding Ohi unlocks growth for your brand.

120% increase in repeat purchase rate
35% increase in LTV
28% increase in cart conversion

Branded Post-Purchase Experiences

Beautiful Tracking Pages

Continue the excitement of your customer's purchase with an elegantly designed tracking interface that lets them know just how soon it’ll be there.

Customizable Text Communication

Speak to your customers in your own voice, not an automated one. Keep it simple or layer on the details; you know what’s right for your brand.

Your Brand from Start to Finish

With support for eco-friendly branded tote bags, Ohi supports the experience you envision for your customers.

Partner Testimonials

“At Ovira, our decision to partner with Ohi was very simple. Our customers have been clear about their desire to have our pain-alleviating devices delivered quickly, and as a customer-focused business, providing speedy delivery with Ohi made a good deal of business sense. Our customers have been raving about our delivery speed, which wouldn’t be possible without Ohi.”

Tyron Gyde Supply Chain Manager, Ovira

“Ohi has been great about partnering with Athletic Brewing to support our brand initiatives and promotions, and their fast, dependable deliveries continue to delight our customers. They’ve become one of Athletic Brewing’s best ecommerce partners.”

Derek Sellhausen Head of Growth, Athletic Brewing Company