How we provide carbon‑neutral delivery

The Old Way Doesn't Work

Traditional e-commerce fulfillment is harmful to the environment, with orders traveling by plane or ground over long distances.

Ohi Inventory is Kept Hyperlocal

Because Ohi uses micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs), deliveries only travel a short distance to get to their destination.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Ohi uses bike/e-bike/scooter couriers and foot couriers to further minimize our carbon footprint in urban areas.

Minimal/Re‑Usable Packaging

Shorter travel distances allow us to reduce wasteful (and expensive) packaging. Ohi encourages the use of eco-friendly reusable totes for 2-hour and same-day orders.

It’s an improvement, but we can do more.

What happens with the remaining carbon footprint?

Through our partner EcoCart, Ohi is able to offset the residual carbon footprint through the use of carbon offsets, allowing Ohi and our brands to offer carbon-neutral delivery!

Learn About EcoCart

Who pays for the carbon offsets?

End customers don’t have to pay a cent extra to make Ohi deliveries carbon-neutral.

Ohi’s brand partners can choose to pay a small fee to EcoCart, based on the estimated carbon footprint for each delivery. Ohi doesn’t retain any bit of this fee.

EcoCart then contributes these fees to a number of independently certified ecological projects, capturing (or counteracting the harmful effects of) the corresponding amount of carbon associated with each delivery.

And that’s how we provide carbon-neutral deliveries!

What does this mean for my e‑commerce business?

A recent NRF and IBM survey found that nearly 80% of consumers report that sustainability is important for them. Nearly 60% are willing to change their shopping habits to be more sustainable.

Recent Gartner research showed that 73% of millennials prioritize sustainability over a product’s price.

The data is clear: people prefer to do business with eco-friendly companies, and that’s exactly the way it should be.

Sustainability is better for the planet, its inhabitants, and your business.