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  • An innovative DTC sunscreen brand was up against entrenched competitors that control the world of traditional retail.


  • Bask partnered with Ohi to provide instant delivery of its "better for you" sunscreen, improving the customer experience (well above the experience of grabbing at a local convenience store).


  • By allowing customers to replenish their favorite sunscreen at a moment's notice, Bask has seen a 65% increase to its repeat purchase rate, and the Bask Suncare team is able to push boldly forward in its mission to end skin cancer.

The Challenge

Bask Suncare is a skincare brand dedicated to empowering the first sun-safe and sun-loving generation. Bask’s “better for you” sunscreen is designed to feel good when applied, protect your skin from skin cancer, all while being far better for your body and for the environment.

As a challenger brand in an industry where stodgy incumbents use longstanding bricks and mortar distribution agreements as moats – and as a reason NOT to innovate – Bask has taken a decidedly better approach: direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

As with many skincare, hygiene, and cosmetics products, when a consumer runs out of sunscreen, they often can’t wait 2 or more days for it to arrive via a traditional e-commerce order. So Bask understood that for their team to leverage DTC e-commerce to disrupt a bricks & mortar-dominated industry, they’d need to provide instant delivery.

For Bask, the motivation to provide instant delivery runs deeper than their business ambitions, though. When customers don’t have sunscreen on hand, they’re far more likely to brave harmful sun rays without protection, dramatically increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. As a company whose mission is to “end skin cancer,” Bask recognized that making their sunscreen available within a couple hours and same-day would be vital to keeping people safe.

By offering instant delivery and a customer-centric post-purchase experience, Bask has quickly carved out its place in the industry and is cultivating a loyal following of sun-safe, sun-loving customers.

bask challenge

The Solution

Ohi worked with Bask to integrate with their website and after a SKU-level demand analysis, we began receiving inventory into Ohi’s microwarehouses.

Now, Ohi shipping options appear for users on Bask’s ecommerce website, allowing Bask customers to get their favorite sunscreen in time for a spontaneous beach day or hike. Ohi has also enabled Bask to extend their engaging brand identity into the post-purchase experience with customizable, branded order updates and real-time tracking.

By analyzing Bask’s product demand at the SKU-level, Ohi continuously works with Bask’s operations team to forward-position sufficient inventory across Ohi’s nationwide micro-fulfillment network. A dedicated Ohi account manager proactively works with Bask to keep things running smoothly while identifying ways to improve efficiency and increase ROI.

bask solution

Inventory is kept “hyperlocal” to Bask’s customers in major metropolitan areas, allowing Bask’s customers to get instant delivery of the sunscreen they love.

Depending on an order’s size, delivery destination, and delivery urgency, Ohi automatically allocates inventory in the closest micro-fulfillment center, summons the optimal delivery courier, and ensures successful delivery with a live ops team that engages directly with couriers and customers. End customers receive tracking information via email/SMS (customized according to Bask’s brand guidelines), allowing them to follow their sunscreen delivery right to their doorstep.

As order volumes affect inventory levels across the network, Ohi actively works to ensure SKU availability, rebalancing inventory levels and adjusting fulfillment patterns as needed. Ohi technology continuously monitors delivery speed and accuracy within the Ohi network, adjusting courier utilization and other variables to ensure Bask’s customers can always get their hands on their favorite sunscreen and stay sun-safe.

bask challenge

The Results

Partnering with Ohi has enabled Bask to thrive in a market that isn’t traditionally kind to e-commerce brands. By enabling instant commerce, Bask has seen a 65% increase in repeat purchases (Ohi vs standard UPS/FedEx). Additionally, the partnership with Ohi means Bask can continue to disrupt the skincare market by the power of its own incredible brand, without having to cede control to marketplaces or fight/pay for precious retail shelf space.

At Bask, our mission to end skin cancer wouldn’t be possible if we couldn’t meet our customers’ needs for sunscreen, on-demand. Partnering with Ohi allows us to compete with much larger brands that have dominated traditional retail for decades, and our customers love the Ohi-enabled post-purchase experience.

Michael Huffstetler, Founder & CEO, Bask Suncare

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