• Leading home fragrance brand was looking to support last-minute gifting on its DTC e-commerce website ahead of the holidays.


  • Ohi enables eco-friendly instant delivery via micro-fulfillment, improving delivery speed while reducing the need for costly and wasteful exterior packaging.


  • L'or de Seraphine enjoys its best holiday shopping season ever AND observes a 40% increase in customer lifetime value (CLV) within 90 days of coming onto the Ohi platform.

The Challenge

L’or de Seraphine is an artisanal home fragrance brand whose aromatic, sustainably-sourced candles paired with beautiful ceramic vessels have cultivated a passionate following throughout the country.

As an elevated product designed to delight both visually and aromatically, L’or de Seraphine’s candles are ideal for gifting. With the holidays fast approaching, L’or de Seraphine approached Ohi about enabling last-minute gifting for their DTC website via two-hour and same-day delivery in key markets like LA and NYC.

L’or de Seraphine’s partnership with Ohi is about more than just delivery speed. As a sustainability-minded brand whose cruelty-free candles are made from RSPO certified palm wax, L’or de Seraphine was also drawn to Ohi’s carbon-neutral e-commerce fulfillment practices. Ohi’s micro-fulfillment approach greatly reduces fuel consumption while reducing the need for costly and wasteful protective packaging, enabling an ultrafast yet sustainable delivery experience.

The Solution

Several weeks ahead of the fast-approaching holiday shopping season, Ohi worked with L'or de Seraphine to integrate with their website and after a SKU-level demand analysis, we began receiving inventory into Ohi’s microwarehouses.

Now, Ohi shipping options appear for users on L'or de Seraphine’s ecommerce website, allowing L'or de Seraphine customers to get instant delivery of their favorite home fragrances. Ohi has also enabled L'or de Seraphine to extend their brand identity into the post-purchase experience with customizable, branded order updates and real-time tracking.

By analyzing L'or de Seraphine’s product demand at the SKU-level, Ohi continuously works with L'or de Seraphine’s operations team to forward-position sufficient inventory across Ohi’s nationwide micro-fulfillment network. A dedicated Ohi account manager proactively works with L'or de Seraphine to keep things running smoothly while identifying ways to improve efficiency and increase ROI.

Inventory is kept “hyperlocal” to L'or de Seraphine’s customers in major metropolitan areas, allowing L'or de Seraphine’s customers to get the home fragrance products they need, on demand.

Depending on an order’s size, delivery destination, and delivery urgency, Ohi automatically allocates inventory in the closest micro-fulfillment center, summons the optimal delivery courier, and ensures successful delivery with a live ops team that engages directly with couriers and customers. End customers receive tracking information via email/SMS (customized according to L'or de Seraphine’s brand guidelines), allowing them to follow their delivery right to their doorstep.

As order volumes affect inventory levels across the network, Ohi actively works to ensure SKU availability, rebalancing inventory levels and adjusting fulfillment patterns as needed. Ohi technology continuously monitors delivery speed and accuracy within the Ohi network, adjusting courier utilization and other variables to ensure L'or de Seraphine’s customers can always get their hands on their favorite candles.

The Results

In a matter of weeks, Ohi helped L'or de Seraphine enable instant delivery in time for the holidays, resulting in a 40% lift to customer lifetime value (CLV) within the first 90 days of the partnership (Ohi orders vs standard UPS/FedEx).

L’or de Seraphine customers in major metro areas love the ability to receive (and give) beautiful and fragrant candles at a moment’s notice, and the L’or de Seraphine team is excited to continue expanding the partnership alongside Ohi. Next, L’or de Seraphine will be partnering with Ohi to include samples in Ohi’s other DTC deliveries in a win-win arrangement for participating brands and their customers.

L’or de Seraphine customers tend to be discerning and that typically translates to high expectations for our DTC website and overall post-purchase experience. So, it was fairly obvious that enabling instant delivery via Ohi was going to be wonderful for our customers. What we didn’t anticipate was just how easy enabling instant delivery would be or just how soon we’d start seeing the ROI. We’re thrilled to continue growing this partnership together.

Heather Beals, Director of Operations, L'or de Seraphine

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