• Leading pain relief brand needed a way for its customers to get instant relief at the onset of pain.


  • Ohi integrates seamlessly with Ovira's Shopify Plus website, providing instant delivery and the technology platform to make instant commerce near effortless for Ovira.


  • Ovira has met a critical need (instant pain relief) for their customer base and has consequently seen a 120% increase to their repeat purchase rate.

The Challenge

Ovira is a company that is dedicated to helping women eliminate period pain. Ovira’s revolutionary new device, Noha, uses pulse therapy to minimize the pain many women experience during their periods. Because the onset of period pain can be sudden and unbearable, many Ovira customers demand instant delivery of the Noha device to alleviate the pain. Ovira came to Ohi seeking a solution for rush ecommerce fulfillment that would meet its customers’ need for convenient and fast delivery.

As a brand that is singular in its approach to period pain relief, Ovira doesn’t face too much in the way of direct competition. Yet, Ovira’s dedication to its customers and rigorous growth mindset made improving the post-purchase experience a critical priority. By partnering with Ohi, Ovira has added the ability to deliver powerfully-fast, on-brand, and memorable post-purchase experiences that enable brand growth.

ovira challenge

The Solution

To help meet Ovira customers’ urgent need for instant delivery, Ohi quickly worked with Ovira to integrate with Ovira’s website (Shopify Plus) and begin receiving initial inventory. A few onboarding calls helped orient the Ovira team to the software, work flows, and next steps required to be successful on the Ohi platform, and then it was off to the races.

Now, Ohi shipping options appear for users on Ovira’s ecommerce website, allowing Ovira customers to get their pain relief immediately after the onset of period pain. Ohi has also enabled Ovira to extend their powerful brand beyond checkout, to ensure the post-purchase experience is every bit as on-brand as the initial shopping experience.

By analyzing Ovira’s product demand at a SKU-level, Ohi continuously works with Ovira’s operations team to position sufficient inventory across Ohi’s nationwide micro-fulfillment network. A dedicated Ohi account manager proactively works with Ovira to keep things running smoothly while identifying ways to improve efficiency and increase ROI.

ovira solution
ovira solution

Inventory is kept “hyperlocal” to Ovira’s customers in major metropolitan areas, maximizing the number of women who can get Ovira’s revolutionary pain relief on-demand.

Depending on an order’s size, delivery destination, and delivery urgency, Ohi automatically allocates inventory in the closest micro-fulfillment center, summons the optimal delivery courier, and ensures successful delivery. End customers receive tracking information via email/SMS (customized according to Ovira’s brand guidelines), allowing them to follow their orders right to their doorstep.

As order volumes affect inventory levels across the network, Ohi actively works to ensure SKU availability, rebalancing inventory levels and adjusting fulfillment patterns as needed. Ohi technology continuously monitors delivery speed and accuracy within the Ohi network, adjusting courier utilization and other variables to ensure Ovira’s customers can always get the very best in period pain relief exactly when they need it.

ovira results

The Results

After partnering with Ohi, Ovira has seen its repeat purchase rates more than double (+120% for Ohi-shipped orders versus orders that ship via FedEx/UPS), underscoring how much it means for their customers to have instant delivery of Ovira’s pain relief products.

Ovira customers rate Ohi an average of 4.7/5 stars for service excellence, and the Ovira team is excited to be meeting their customers’ urgent need for on-demand pain relief.

At Ovira, our decision to partner with Ohi was very simple. Our customers have been clear about their desire to have our pain-alleviating devices delivered quickly, and as a customer-focused business, providing speedy delivery with Ohi made a good deal of business sense.

Tyron Gyde, Supply Chain Manager, Ovira

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