• A fast-growing skincare startup was looking to improve its DTC post-purchase experience.


  • Ohi provides instant delivery, a branded post-purchase experience, and the technology to make instant commerce simple.


  • By enabling instant commerce with Ohi, Solawave has seen a 62% increase to their repeat purchase rate, and customers are thrilled that they can replenish their go-to serums at a moment's notice.

The Challenge

Solawave is a fast-growing skincare brand that offers users the benefits of modern dermatology, without the sky-high price tag or time commitment. Its revolutionary advanced skincare wands combine four science-backed, clinically-proven dermatology technologies: microcurrent, red light therapy, facial massage, and therapeutic warmth.

As a company whose customers often have an urgent need for the product – to deal with a bad breakout or the consequences of a late night out, for example – Solawave considers instant delivery crucial to the customer experience.

After first exploring a hybrid in-house fulfillment solution involving direct partnership with last mile couriers, Solawave decided against what would have ultimately (1) required too many dedicated resources, and (2), created operational complexity.

That’s when the Solawave team happened upon a brand that was using Ohi for DTC instant delivery. After experiencing Ohi instant delivery firsthand and learning how Ohi could make instant commerce operationally simple for Solawave, Solawave decided to join forces with Ohi.

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The Solution

Ohi worked with Solawave to integrate with their Shopify Plus website and after a SKU-level demand analysis, we began receiving inventory into Ohi’s microwarehouses.

Now, Ohi shipping options appear for users on Solawave’s ecommerce website, allowing Solawave customers to get instant delivery of their favorite skincare products. Ohi has also enabled Solawave to extend their brand identity into the post-purchase experience with customizable, branded order updates and real-time tracking.

By analyzing Solawave’s product demand at the SKU-level, Ohi continuously works with Solawave’s operations team to forward-position sufficient inventory across Ohi’s nationwide micro-fulfillment network. A dedicated Ohi account manager proactively works with Solawave to keep things running smoothly while identifying ways to improve efficiency and increase ROI.

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Inventory is kept “hyperlocal” to Solawave’s customers in major metropolitan areas, allowing Solawave’s customers to get the skincare products they need, on demand.

Depending on an order’s size, delivery destination, and delivery urgency, Ohi automatically allocates inventory in the closest micro-fulfillment center, summons the optimal delivery courier, and ensures successful delivery with a live ops team that engages directly with couriers and customers. End customers receive tracking information via email/SMS (customized according to Solawave’s brand guidelines), allowing them to follow their delivery right to their doorstep.

As order volumes affect inventory levels across the network, Ohi actively works to ensure SKU availability, rebalancing inventory levels and adjusting fulfillment patterns as needed. Ohi technology continuously monitors delivery speed and accuracy within the Ohi network, adjusting courier utilization and other variables to ensure Solawave’s customers can always get their hands on their favorite skincare products.

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The Results

Solawave has been on a tear, growing more than 1,000% in 2021 alone. Their customer base loves the ability to get skincare on-demand, as evidenced by a 62% increase in repeat purchases (Ohi vs standard UPS/FedEx). Solawave is excited to be leveraging the combined strength of their innovative skincare technology with an Ohi-enabled instant commerce experience via their own DTC website.

“When our customers decide to purchase Solawave products, it is often because they have an urgent need for effective skincare. Delivery speed is crucial for Solawave, and Ohi has enabled us to offer a best-in-class post-purchase experience that has played a big role in our growth story.”

Andrew Silberstein, Founder & CEO, Solawave

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