Three service levels to provide a mind-blowing instant delivery experience for your customers.

2hr or Less

2hr or Less

Offer your customers 20 minute or 2 hour instant delivery options. This is made possible by our proprietary micro-fulfillment platform.

Same Day

Same Day

Don’t need it right now? Same day allows your customers to choose from three time slots to better accommodate their order needs and busy schedule.

Next Day

Next Day

Sometimes today just isn’t right for a delivery. When the situation calls for it, tomorrow is right on time.


Industry front-runners like Amazon are continually ratcheting up consumers’ expectations for delivery speeds, making fulfillment speed a pressing concern for DTC ecommerce brands, too.

The problem? It’s next to impossible to fulfill orders in-house without a purpose-built warehousing or a logistic network.

That’s where Ohi enters the play. With Ohi’s nationwide network of micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) and industry-leading inventory and warehouse management platform, your direct-to-consumer brand will be able to offer: 

  • eco-friendly, “instant” ecommerce order fulfillment, and low, flat-rate pricing
  • increased conversions, repeat-purchase rate, and customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • a customer-focused post-purchase experience that adds to brand loyalty

As soon as your inventory inbounds to our hubs, your ecommerce DTC brand will automatically get access to all of Ohi’s wide network of MFCs. We keep your inventory hyperlocal to your customers in major metro areas, including New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (LA), San Francisco (SF), Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, and more.

Ohi Hubs


Every ecommerce order fulfillment solution consists of a series of operations and workflows. Generally, ecommerce order fulfillment is the process of storing inventory, picking and packing products, and shipping online orders to customers.

Here’s a breakdown of major ecommerce order fulfillment operations:

  1. Order fulfillment and management: The ecommerce fulfillment service oversees all orders placed by your customers and keeps track of any orders fulfilled throughout multiple channels.
  2. Inventory management: This includes inventory tracking, which includes inventory storage, ordering, stocking shelves, and forecasting. Ohi makes use of robust inventory/order management and ecommerce fulfillment platform that enable us to understand SKU-level demand and operational priorities at all times.
  3. Micro-fulfillment centers and storage: This is where your products will be stored. Ohi’s network consists of hubs (distribution centers) and micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs). These MFCs are based in major metro areas, allowing brands to forward-position their inventory near their customers.
  4. Pick and pack: This is the part where ordered products are picked from the shelves and packaged for shipment.
  5. Ecommerce shipping: This is the process of delivering products to the end customer, sometimes known as last mile delivery. Ohi enables three service levels:
    • Two-hour delivery
    • Same-day delivery
    • Next-day delivery
  6. Carbon-neutral ecommerce fulfillment: Because our micro-fulfillment centers are set up close to end customers, orders no longer have to travel great distances, and so we’re able to offer a carbon-neutral ecommerce fulfillment option at checkout.
  7. The post-purchase experience: What happens after checkout is just as important as the pre-purchase experience. At Ohi, we help your DTC set up brand-focused and memorable post-purchase experiences to nurture long-term growth.

For more in-depth insights, check out our detailed ecommerce order fulfillment guide.

Current Coverage & Growth

Current Coverage & Growth

We currently cover more than 75% of consumers in our customers’ most important geographical markets, and we’re continually expanding into more metro areas throughout the US.

Partner Testimonials

“Ohi has met our post-purchase needs optimally, and it has been awesome to know that our expedited orders are in capable hands and are processed with minimal burden on our operations team, allowing us to focus our attention on our other operational needs.”

Tyron Gyde Supply Chain Manager, Ovira

“When Greater Than first started working with Ohi to enable instant delivery for our all-natural electrolyte drinks, improving time in transit was certainly a priority. However, we were also curious about whether Ohi could save us on shipping costs. As paradoxical as it might seem, we now save 20% providing same-day delivery with Ohi versus shipping 3-5 day ground, resulting in a huge win/win for our customers and for our margins.”

Jon Sider Co-Founder, Greater Than