Are you a go-getter who is detail oriented and experienced in warehouse operations? Consider being a part of the future of instant commerce with Ohi. Be your own boss and run your own warehouse, with a guaranteed income and incredible upside potential.

Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed Income

Yes, we have an income guarantee. At the end of each month, if you haven’t met your order volume threshold, we will make up the difference, financially. We’ll also provide financial support to help you get started.

Own Your Business

Own Your Business

This is your warehouse, your team, your opportunity. You own your business and control it. Ohi simply gives you the model and the support you need to focus on growing your business.

Business in a Box

Business in a Box

We give you everything you need: the tech, the data, operational guidance, advice on how to set up the space and equipment, and even the capital you’ll need to ramp up. You just bring a healthy heap of motivation and go get after it.



Ohi operates at the forefront of e-commerce and micro-fulfillment, where we work to deliver powerfully fast, on-brand, and memorable post-purchase experiences for our ecommerce clients. Our platform makes it easy for entrepreneurial individuals to join the Ohi network as an MFC Operator.

Operational Experience

When you join Ohi as an Operator, you’ll be joining forces with our world-class operations team, made up of folks with deep operational experience from Amazon, Uber, and leading traditional 3PL/logistics companies. Industry leading technology meets on-the-ground expertise. We’ll tackle the operations challenges of tomorrow, together.


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What does an Ohi MFC Operator do?

Ohi partners with many brands that you know and love. When a customer purchases from those brands online, an Operator in the area will pick and pack the items, earning money for each order.

Where can I become an MFC Operator with Ohi?

Ohi is currently available in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, California, and a few other states, but we are expanding to new areas every day. Contact Us to find out if Ohi is available, or to be the first to know when Ohi needs new partners in your location.

What materials do I need to sign-up?

The first step is to fill out the form above. All we need is your email and zip. Then we will be in touch with a short questionnaire to help determine if you are a fit for Ohi’s current network and best-in-class brand partners.

Do I need to own or lease my own warehouse?

No, Ohi’s technology can be used to maximize fulfillment capabilities for any property. If you already have access to a great space, please let us know when you contact us, but Ohi can also find spaces in your location to make setup even easier.

How much money will I make as an Ohi MFC Operator?

Ohi guarantees you can make at least $60,000 in year 1. MFC Operators make money for each order, so fulfilling additional orders can earn you even more.

Do I need any logistics experience or equipment to become an MFC Operator?

While operational experience is preferred, you do not need to have direct fulfillment expertise. We have had successful partners with previous experience in transportation, convenience/grocery, and more! Ohi makes fulfillment that easy, and we provide all necessary equipment and training materials.

Why should I become an MFC Operator?

You like to be the boss, and you love playing a critical role in something that brings delight to so many customers. Ohi makes Instant Commerce easy, with many of the fastest growing brand partners in the industry and inventory forecasted to optimize a specific location for you.

What is fulfilling an order like?

Most orders take seconds to fulfill. Once an order is placed, it appears in an MFC Operator’s queue. You’ll see exactly how much to pick, and how to get it ready. You can then print and apply the label, and keep making money from new orders before pickup. Everything is in one simple app, so you’ll also be guided through receiving and keeping track of new inventory before it gets fulfilled.

Where can I learn more about what it takes to be a great MFC Operator?

Please reference the “MFC Operator” roles listed on our careers page, and feel free to share relevant opportunities with your network.