How MFCs Enable Instant Commerce

At Ohi, we empower our Operators to turn non-traditional spaces in prime residential/commercial districts into Micro-Fulfillment Centers (MFCs). These dedicated MFCs are hyperlocal to the consumer, making the magic of instant delivery possible. Our proprietary platform and vetted MFC network is fully managed by Ohi to ensure operational SLAs are maintained.

Operational Excellence

Ohi’s technology, people, and processes allow us to achieve best-in-class inventory accuracy and pick success rates. We’re continually working to expand our operational edge over the competition.

99.5% inventory accuracy
99.5% pick success rate

Current Coverage & Growth

We currently cover 75% of consumers in our customers' most important geographical markets, and we’ll be opening approximately one new MFC per week in 2022.

Partner Testimonials

“Ohi has met our post-purchase needs optimally, and it has been awesome to know that our expedited orders are in capable hands and are processed with minimal burden on our operations team, allowing us to focus our attention on our other operational needs.”

Tyron Gyde Supply Chain Manager, Ovira

“The ability to offer fast and seamless D2C delivery in our key metropolitan markets has been a real game-changer.”

Derek Sellhausen Head of Growth, Athletic Brewing Company